Helpful Technical Information

RB residents, please read if you've been unable to log-in to the website.

To access the site for the first time, you must USE THE INVITATION EMAIL LINK to create a new password.

If you have received more than one email invitation to the site and have made at least two unsuccessful attempts your device’s security/protection features may be preventing access.

  1. Check your computer’s security settings to ensure your browser isn’t blocking your log-in attempts.
  2. Your browser may have certain extensions or plug-ins, preventing your access.  Set your browser to default, before requesting a new invitation.
  3. Try using a private browser before opening the invitation email. 

If you have a Ross Bridge HOA password that was created before February 2019, it will not work. 

For first time users of the Members Pages, you cannot enter your email and old (pre-Feb 2019) password to reset your password. An old password cannot be used to “reset” your password.

Do not try and set a new password via the RB Members pages, only do so using the invitation email. 

If you did not receive an invitation email to access the site, check your spam/junk folder before requesting a new log-in invitation email.

You may not be able to access the site by using an invitation that was forwarded to you by someone else, and not sent directly to you from the HOA.  Complete the log-in request form for a new invitation.

Private Access Request

For Ross Bridge Residents Only

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